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Welcome to the best Swingers Sex Party in South Africa!

This site is for real folks and is fully free to register as a member. It is for all liberated adults, swingers and doggers in South Africa. We have tried to incorporate as much as we are able to for you to explore apropos functionality and info to help the South African swinger community. Nevertheless we are devoted to expanding and polishing it to make it somewhere which will provide maybe everything you may need in an internet swingers site, to meet new folks and express your thoughts as you think acceptable.

If you can not find it here then let us know and we'll add it as soon as possible. Feedback, and proposals are always welcomed. For the moment you will find that we've got a swingers photograph adverts system to help get in touch with like-minded folk. Here you can attach photographs to your personal classified. There's a swingers forum where members can post messages, links and debate anything with anyone. This has been put here to help bring a fast sense of community to this site, along with our own swingers chatroom.

We've also seen a need for a good South African swingers club guide, and also a good index of South African dogging locations. These directories are being consistently updated by us and, more crucially, by you. Ultimately we've got a section where you can share your experiences and dreams by publishing your own swingers stories and / or erotic fantasies. Do not forget to check the ever-expanding help section if you have got any issues using or exploring the site. In the end we are hoping you finish up treating Swingers Sex Party as your own, and wish you good luck in finding whatever you are on the lookout for.

South African Swinging for Amateurs or Mature Swingers

This site is devoted to swinging in South Africa and it's absolutely free to register as a member. If you're either into 'The Scene' or just curious about learning more, this is the spot for you. Scan other swingers' advertisements in the photograph advertisements system or place one of your own. There's also a forum notice board where adult members can place easy messages quickly and easily, exchange helpful info with others, prepare parties, web cam meets for example.

A live video chat room is available for adults to meet swingers and chat to one another. There's also general swinging recommendation and info and huge list of swingers clubs around South Africa.
Whether your an amateur swinger or have been doing swinging for a while now - is the place for you! We have a database and forum of swingers for you from all walks of life! Indian swingers, black swingers, white swingers or any other ethnicity you can think of! Our age groups are also very diverse and you can find everything from mature swingers to those sweet innocent fresh on the block swingers! Our swingers classifieds are so diverse that you are bound to find a real swingers party all the time! Join today, where the swingers party is always on and our swingers parties will go on for a lifetime!

Whether looking for swinger parties or just other swinger couples - or maybe ethnicity is important to you and you are looking for black swingers or indian swingers - you can meet real couples looking to party with you through their classifieds on this site! Swingers sex has never been so much in your reach - come learn the ropes if you are an amateur or join other mature swingers if you already know them.

What is Swinging and who are Swingers?

"Swing," "Swinger," what do these words mean to you. What about the word "lifestyle?" Funny how words mean such a big amount of different things to such a big amount of different folks. My dictionary outlines "Swinger" as : "One that swings : a good swinger of baseball bats." I usually had a suspicion that Barry Bonds was a "swinger." My compendium also announces : "an affiliate of a pair, particularly a married couple, who exchanges sexual partners." Now we are getting somewhere, though I did not know marriage standing had such a lot to do with "swinging." I should have to call Webster and explain to him that non-married couples swing too. I am sure he is going to be glad to hear that. The word "swing" goes back to the 20's when the black community discovered a new type of music called Jazz and called it "Swinging Jazz." The reference described the kind of dance where a person would literally "swing" his partner thru a collection of dance moves.

Like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop were born, and so was the term "swing." Most conservatives could not believe it when they saw folk shaking their hips and frolicking to this new underground sensuous music. Eventually, in the 30's and 40's, band leaders like Taxi Callaway, Duke Ellington, Glen Miller and Count Basie brought in the giant band age and "Swing was King." the approval for swing music faded after WWII until the late 50's when Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack redefined the word "swinger." The word's connotation reached outside their music and started to represent their way of life. They were hip, trendy, cool and horny. They were swingers, man. Trustafarian mag was first broadcast and a new age of sexuality was born. "Swinger" had a positive connotation, everybody wished to be called a "swinger." naturally the term was only confined to men. Being considered a swinger would never be considered applicable for a girl.

Naturally the "shagedelic swinging sixties" followed and once more the term "swinger" took on a new, cartoon-type of personality.

Towards the end of the 60's, swinger clubs started to form.

Publications were made public and different kinds of alternative relations like swinging, polyamory and communal living started to turn up. It was not long before the 70's and rumours of "key parties" and "better half swappers" became the common rationalization of the "new swingers." Again, sexist overtones ruled the "swinger" scene, the term "spouse swapper" indicates that the person owns his other half and can trade her when needed for another partner. The 80's saw an upsurge of new clubs forming till the AIDS shock forced many swingers underground and many clubs closed or dropped in membership. Finally , swinging became lots more open, clubs bounced back and state conventions like Ways of life in California and Vegas gained in recognition and thousands of couples came to find other open minded couples. "Recreational swinging" changed into a potent commercial factor, actually it became a sector.

Today, you'll find articles on "swinging" in Time mag, the Times, Details, on HBO, MTV, Showtime, VH1 and most countrywide and local newscasts, papers and mags. Conventions and clubs have turned up in each state. Resorts and hostels now deal with "swing" groups better than previously.

Latterly, in New Orleans, over one thousand "swingers" paraded down Scotch St. In the 1st ever "swinging parade" behind a jazz ( swing ) band with a police escort. Swinging has just about become conventional. It's become so main line that swing clubs and enterprises ultimately have their own trade organisation. Imagine the results of an arranged effort to put forth positive pictures of this "swinging lifestyle." This is step 1 in winning acceptance and toleration for a sexual minority that's continuously growing and we are being spotted. BTW, I looked up the word "approach to life" and my compendium expounded : "a way of living or type of living that reflects the angles and values of someone or group." When the term "way of living" became well-liked over a generation gone, it had many critics that objected to it as hot and negligible as it was generally used to justify habits of consumption, recreation or trends to classes in a system of social classification. Many different kinds of sexual minorities all consider themselves to be living a different "approach to life" from the conventional.

However , the term has been handy, in reality because they help explain ourselves when making a reference to social values and behaviour.

Why the history lesson? The majority I run into find the label "swinger" as a negative term with which they do not want to be labeled. While I understand their reasons, most don't understand the terms "swing" and "swinger" have gone through many transformations over the previous century and may continue to change over the next one or two years. My fave compendium definition outlines "swinger" as : "someone who actively searches for excitement and moves with the most recent trends." Now that could be a term we are able to live with.

Perhaps we should print that definition on shirts, come out of the closet and show everybody who we are. OK, perhaps not this week... But shortly?